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Developing the first iteration of your app is just the first step to transforming your environment and driving productive user behaviors. Create an action plan for how you present the app to your users, and then continue to drive adoption throughout the lifetime of your mobile strategy.

In this e-book:

  • Learn pre-launch, launch, and post-strategies that boost user adoption
  • Ensure your app is a need-to-have for all users with targeted, relevant experiences
  • Deploy a communications strategy that drives adoption over time
  • Ensure your students or employees are turning to the app daily to access the tools they need for success.

“We wanted to see how easy it was to create and deploy a mobile app in order to enhance our employee’s experience. It turned out to be quite easy and we expect this new app is going to be well received by our millennials and GenZs.”

Paul Westenberger
Real Estate Technology & Innovation Strategy & Execution Leader, EY