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Speakers: Steve Sedlock, Digital Marketing/Communications, University of Akron
Robert Ratway, Co-Founder, RojoServe
Matt Wilmore, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Modo

Students expect a campus app to provide all the tools they need and an experience on par with the fast, elegant apps they use everywhere else in their digital lives. Delivering that pays off in engagement, retention and student success, but the idea of building a unified app can be daunting. It doesn’t have to be! The University of Akron took a modular approach where making changes is easy and requires minimal or no coding. Today they enable students and staff to check email, submit timecards, check dining hall and shuttle hours, receive push notifications and even access PeopleSoft financial aid, add/drop classes and more, directly inside the UA Mobile app.

Join us as U of Akron takes us through their app journey, and see how easy it is to bring PeopleSoft into a unified, Modo-powered digital campus experience.