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Companies are struggling to fill their talent gap. Even the most well-known brands are losing talent to competitors that offer better locations, amenities, and cutting-edge technologies. To counteract this threat, leaders are relocating closer to urban talent pools and re-imagining their environment as it defines their culture. For many, this vision transforms the office into flexible flagships that embody the corporate culture and offer personalized experiences across the diverse workforce, from the desk-less worker to the stationary office dweller.

In this on-demand webinar, learn best practices from our community of workplace leaders to discover how your workplace app can capture employee input, support them throughout the move, and measure and guide behaviors in the new space. 

“We were immediately interested when Modo Labs shared the next generation of their mobile platform with us, offering our students a powerful and unified mobile interface to our LMS and SIS systems, and other vital student information. We’ve been thrilled to collaborate with Modo Labs on this exciting mobile technology.”

Santhana Naidu
Web Services Director at Indiana State University